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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

The City of Little Falls and its Heritage Preservation Commission are requesting proposals/statement of qualifications, experience, and price quotation for professional services to prepare a public-driven interpretive plan.  The plan seeks to highlight the built, natural, human, and cultural capital located throughout the City.  A copy of the Request for Proposal may be obtained by following this link.


1.  Approximate timeline?

  • Proposed presentation to City Council for approval at their August 15, 2022, regular meeting.  Work occurring over winter months with a final report due spring 2023.

2.  Max or approximate budget?

  • $32,000.

3.  Does the plan include layouts, artwork, text and camera ready artwork suitable for production?

  • We anticipate sketches with text, no camera ready artwork required.

4.  Does the plan include constructin details and design for housing of panels?

  • No construction deails or design of the fram required with this project.

5.  Is the intent to gather stories from individuals and support images and summarize?

  • Yes, the intent is to gather stories with supporting materials.

6.  Is the intent to gather, verify for historical accuracy, and coordinate illustrative materials to support the content?

  • Yes, the intent is to gather stories, with supporting materials.

7.  Are there historic images and support materials where research can be done, (i.e. historic society)?

  • Yes, the Morrison County Historical Society has supporting information, and another resource is the members of the Heritage Preservation Commission.

8.  Chapter 7 reference on Page 5 states "action plan should include "actors" owners and timelines".  Please clarify the use of "actors" in this sentence, performers or participants in the process?

  • Chapter 7 referes to "actors".  This would be participants of the historical/cultural process if multiple individuals were involved.


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