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Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Exciting news...the City will be delivering the new recycling carts to all one and two family residential properties over the next week.  These carts will be used for recycling beginning JANUARY 1, 2022.  DO NOT USE THE CART PRIOR TO January 1, 2022, FOR RECYCLING OR FOR GARBAGE.  You will be receiving, in the next few weeks, the calendar for recycling pickup dates as they have changed.  Also, on the backside of the calendar you will find the DO'S and DON'Ts of the new recycling program. This new program is a SINGLE SORT program with NO SORTING any longer!  After January 1, you may keep the old recycling bins.

The cart lids may be a little disformed from being packed and shipped.  The lids will flatten out, there is no need to contact City Hall.

We ask for your patience while the carts are being delivered and the the calendars/guidelines are being mailed.  Once you receive the mailing and have reviewed, feel free to contact City Hall with any questions you may have either by email at City Hall or (320) 616-5500.


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