Boards and Committees

The Mayor and City Council value and encourage citizen involvement. One way a citizen may get involved in their local government is serving on one of the City's authorities, boards, commissions, and committees. They are all advisory groups, making recommendations to the City Council on matters that affect our community. All of the City’s authorities, boards, bureaus, commissions, and committees require residency within the City. To see what meetings are coming up check the Notice of Meetings.

If you are interested in becoming a member of any of the boards, please contact City Hall at (320) 616-5500. The Mayor makes appointments to the various committees with the City Council's approval.

  • Airport Commission:  The Airport Commission provides oversight of improvements and management of the Little Falls/Morrison County Airport. Members include: City Representatives Jerry Knafla, James Rhoades and Greg Zylka; County Representatives John Britz, S. Don Rudolph and Bobby Kasper.

  • Economic Development Authority: The Economic Development Authority’s primary purpose is to promote and finance the growth of commercial and industrial development.  Members include: Greg Zylka, Jerry Knafla, Jeremy Hanfler, Mark Gerbi, and Robert Reinitz.

  • Heritage Preservation Commission:  The Heritage Preservation Commission primary purpose is work on the the preservation and protection of buildings and lands having a special historical, cultural or aesthetic interest or value within the City. Members include: Gary Block, Camille Warzecha, Wayne Liljegren, Linda LeMieur, Don Opatz, Pat Sharon, Peter Eckstrom; and ex-officio members Joel Larson, Purva Watten, and Sabrina Koelsch.

  • Housing and Redevelopment Authority:  The Housing and Redevelopment Authority's primary duties include addressing the housing needs of low income and disabled residents of the City; redevelop blighted areas; and promote industrial and business development in the City.  Members include: Keith Silbernick, Frank Gosiak, Raquel Lundberg, and Brad Jensen.

  • Library Board:  The Library Board provides care of the Carnegie Library grounds and buildings along with long range capital improvements for the library. The Board is comprised of the City Council.

  • Park, Recreation and Tree Board:  The Park, Recreation and Tree Board provides advisory guidance on the parks and recreational facilities within the City, along with planning for long range capital improvement park projects. Members include: Jeff Tschida, Frank Gosiak, Raquel Lundberg, Jeremy Hanfler, and Jon Vetter.

  • Planning Commission: The Planning Commission advises the City Council on planning and zoning issues in the City. This Commission is also responsible for the development of the comprehensive plan and collaborates with City Council on implementation of the plan for future development and land use. They also provide guidance on long range capital improvements for the community. Members include: Jeremy Hanfler, Leif Hanson, Jerry Knafla, Jim Birchem, Kara Schilling, Joe Czech, and Chuck Justin.

Notice of Meetings

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