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Trunk Highway 27 Memorial Bridge
Trunk Highway 27 Memorial Bridge Photo

Highway 27
Little Falls, Minnesota, MN 56345

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During the comprehensive plan survey, the public highlighted the Trunk Highway 27 bridge [5907] as a concern due to the congestion it creates, stopping traffic on Trunk Highway 27.  This rail crossing is listed as number four high priority crude by rail grade crossing list by the Minnesota Department Transportation; and listed as number two on the Federal Rail Administration’s Accident Prediction List.  In response to the publics concerns, the City Council ordered a feasibility study on potential options to replace the current bridge and at grade crossing with a new bridge that crosses over the railroad tracks.  The City will be holding a public informational meeting on Monday, January 29, beginning at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall to gather the public's input on potential options for the bridge.  Sketches of the options are shown below.

Overhead picture, courtesy of Google Earth, of the Memorial Bridge.

Any questions, should be directed to Greg Kimman, Public Works Director, email or Jon Radermacher, City Administrator, email or by calling City Hall (320) 616-5500.

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