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Little Falls Photo Submission Form

The City is looking for photos to help add content for the new website. Anybody can submit a photo for the website; however, we do have one requirement; the photo must represent something about our city, i.e. a landmark, event, place, or other features of our community. The photos will primarily be featured on the City’s home page in the slider, which has 4 photos and we will be updating it weekly, hopefully with seasonally appropriate content.  Photos may also be featured on other pages if they are appropriate to that page’s content. By submitting a photo to the City you are authorizing City staff to use the photo for the website. There will be no compensation for the photo, and if you wish to be credited, please indicate that in the description on the submission page. By submitting the photo, any individuals featured in the photo are consenting to the use of their image for the City.

In order to submit a photo follow the link on the www.cityoflittlefalls.com home page titled “Learn More”.

Then enter a name and date in the fields, and select photo as the type of content. An upload button will appear giving you the option to Choose File, select your file to upload

Please include in the description any information that you wish to share about the photo, i.e. location, time of year, persons in the photo, etc. This information will be used in the description and to give proper credit for the photo.

No need to add information about the Categories or a Thumbnail.

You will need to include information the Name, Email, Phone field. We will not share any of this information with anyone outside of the City, ever.

Finally to prove you’re not a robot you will need to fill out the recaptcha form.

Your submission will be reviewed by City staff, and may need to be edited in order to fit the parameters for the website.

Thank you for your help in showcasing the great things in our community through the website!


Accepted file types are .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .pdf, .txt, .rtf


YouTube URL:

Videos must be hosted on YouTube; enter URL following this template: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12345678909


Audio files must be formatted as an MP3 and less than 10MB in size.


Accepted file types are: .jpg, .png

Accepted file types are: .jpg, .png

If we have questions regarding this listing who should we contact?