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Little Falls

The beautiful falls on the Mississippi River attracted native inhabitants, explorers, traders and settlers. By the 1880's a surge in immigration, railroad expansion and industrial development created a boom. In 1889, Little Falls was incorporated as a city. It is the third oldest city in the state. Due to local brick-making industries, by 1890, large brick buildings replaced the former wooden storefronts. Within a two-year period the population had doubled, reaching 4,699. Major industries that contributed to the growth of Little Falls were the Pine Tree Lumber Company, Hennepin Paper Company, and two large flour mills. Smaller industries included the Kiewel Brewery, a sash and door factory and a horseshoe factory. Carpenters, cigar manufacturers and blacksmiths were among the numerous tradesmen setting up shop. A major contributor to the economic growth of Little Falls was the surrounding diversified farming. Also evident was a vibrant social and religious community. ...Learn More »