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Public Improvement Project PI 376 Update

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

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Public Improvement Project PI 376 is now substantially complete and the public hearing to adopt the final assessment roll has been held.  Property owners are now able to pay all or a portion of their assessments prior to the City certifying to Morrison County the 2018 payment of the assessment on your property taxes.  Payments may be paid at City Hall prior to October 31st.  After October 31st, the City calculates the interest on the unpaid balance for collection.  We do this every year on the unpaid balance until the assessment is paid in full.  (Generally, assessments are for a 15 year period.  If you are unsure of the remaining balance or time left on your assessment, please feel free to contact Lisa Luing at City Hall to obtain that information.)  

You may make partial payments or pay the entire balance of the unpaid assessment at any time throughout the year; however, once the payment is certified to Morrison County, that payment will be collected with the property taxes.

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