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Snuggled in the heartland of Minnesota, Little Falls is known for its historic charm, natural beauty and small town atmosphere with big city attractions. Whether you've come to shop, take in our parks and museums, participate in any number of activities, we know you'll be pleasantly surprised to find that Little Falls has it all.

Little Falls Facts and Figures...
• Our historic river town is located in central Minnesota, along the Mississippi River, at the
   junctions of Highway 10, 27, and 371
• Founded in 1848
• Area population of 16,000
• County Morrison
• Home to a diversity of industries: military, boats, health care, mail processing, sheet
   metal/welding, snowplows and conveyors, wood products, food processing, monuments,
   tool and die, technology, ethanol and more
• 1 Weekly Newspaper - Morrison County Record
• 3 Radio Stations - KLTF 960AM, WYRQ 92.1FM, KFML 94.1FM
• Television Station - Central Minnesota Access Television, Channel 6, Channel 12
• 15 City and County Parks
• 20+ Golf Courses within 45 miles
• 475+ Lakes within 45 miles
• Cross-Country Skiing - 20 locations within 45 miles
• Downhill Skiing - 20 locations within 60 miles
• 400+ miles snowmobile trails
• Skating - 1 indoor and 3 outdoor rinks
• Health Care: 1 community hospital, 25+ primary and specialty care physicians, 8 long term,
  developmentally disabled and senior housing centers, 12 dentists
• Two elementary, one middle, and one high school, three parochial schools
• 1 art center, 2 art galleries
• 147 days between killing frosts
• 11 days a year reach above 90
• January is the coldest month
• July is the hottest month
• Average annual snowfall is 43"
• Average annual precipitation is 27"

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