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Little Falls Self-Guided Historic Walking or Driving Tour

Click on the numbered sites within the map or in the list below to explore the historic buildings of Little Falls. Along the tour you will learn of the unique history of each building as you watch the videos and listen to the commentary. The average length of each video is 3 minutes.

  1. Franciscan Sisters
  2. Linden Hill
  3. Burton-Rosenmeier House
  4. Elks Hotel
  5. Buckman Hotel
  6. Tonn Building
  7. Sands' Cafe
  8. Falls Theater
  9. The Black and White
  10. Tanner and Sprandel Buildings
  11. Butler Block
  12. Rhodes-Wetzel Building

  1. German American National Bank
  2. Sylvester-Nichols Building
  3. Morrison County Lumber
  4. Pine Tree Lumber Company
  5. Little Falls City Hall
  6. Bethel Lutheran Church
  7. Our Lady of Lourdes Church
  8. Northern Pacific Railroad Depot
  9. Little Falls Dam

  1. U.S. Post Office
  2. Harrison and Peterson Building
  3. Gregerson Building
  4. Victor Building
  5. Kiewel Building
  6. Signor Building
  7. The Y Block
  8. American House
  9. Trebby Building
  10. Morrison County Courthouse
  11. Crowder's Station
  12. Carnegie Library
  13. Church of Our Saviour

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