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Little Falls Fire Department

The Little Falls Fire Department was established in 1903 and is comprised of one full-time employee, the Fire Chief and 30 volunteer firefighters. In addition to the Chief, the department has two Assistant Chiefs, three Captains, one Safety Officer, and three Training Officers.

Duties involve fire suppression, extrications, search and rescue, ladder operations, fire inspections, prevention and education.

The Little Falls Fire Department provides fire protection to the City of Little Falls and the City of Fort Ripley, as well as the townships of Belle Prairie, Green Prairie, Little Falls, Pike Creek and Ripley. The coverage area consists of approximately 212 square miles.

Contact Information:
Little Falls Fire Department
314 1st Street NE (Main Fire Hall)
108 6th Street SW (Second Fire Hall)
PO Box 244
Little Falls, MN 56345

Phone: (320) 616-5591
Fax: (320) 616-5417


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