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Housing & Redevelopment Authority

The Housing and Redevelopment Authority looks at housing needs of low income and disabled residents; redevelopment of blighted areas; and promotes single and multi-unit housing development within the City. The Housing and Redevelopment Authority also oversees the operation of Pine Grove Manor. The Authority is comprised of five members serving five year staggered terms.

City of Little Falls Housing Study

Contact Information:
City of Little Falls
100 7th Avenue NE
PO Box 244
Little Falls, MN 56345

Phone: (320) 616-5500
Fax: (320) 616-5505


Pine Grove Manor
901 1st Avenue SW
Little Falls, MN 56345

Phone: (320) 632-3305

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Phone (320) 616-5500 Fax (320) 616-5505 E-mail Address 100 7th Ave. NE, PO Box 244, Little Falls, MN 56345-0244
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